Alexander Technique

What is Alexander Technique?

As you are reading this, do you notice that you are craning your neck forward a little bit, or tightening your shoulders or your lower back? An Alexander Technique teacher can help you to let go of this extra tension.

Alexander Technique teaches students to identify and exercise control over physical habits of excess tension, posture, internal stress, breathing and movement and habits of thinking that interfere with natural ease and flow in everyday activity and skilled performance.

Balance is an extremely important factor to have for successful integration of movement. Humans are designed to move in such a way that the head leads our movement along the spine, and the body follows, this movement is an upward, vital direction in response to gravity. When we are born the balance of our head to our spine is innate, however as we grow we tend to lose this delicate balance due to constant stress and mal-adaptive accommodation to our environment. Now the Alexander technique focuses on restoring a balanced and dynamic posture. Posture is often thought of as a position in which to sit or stand, a dynamic posture is one that maintains a relationship between the head, neck and torso while in motion and continually changes in response to the demands of the activity, while maintaining an underlying integrity or principle.

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