Height Increase Exercises for Spine

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  • Stretching Exercises
    • Stretching might be the most accessible height increase exercise everyone can begin right away without any equipment. There is a whole Stretching Exercises section that provides details for all the different type of height increase stretching technique.
  • Hanging
    • natural height increase
      hanging relies on gravity to decompresses the spine to obtain height increase. Nothing complicated, just find a bar and hang on it for at least 10 seconds or as long as you can. It might be difficult to find a bar at home to hang on to that is high enough. A popular hanging device calls Door Gym which only requires a door frame to create your own hanging bar without using any bolt or nails. The following is a picture of Door Gym hanging on a door frame.


  • Body Inversion
    • natural height increase
      Body inversion can be done either with the of an Inversion Table or Inversion Boots. When your body is inverted upside down, gravity stretches both the spine and knee cartilage at the same time. It is likely that you will be able to be invertd upside down much longer than hanging on a bar with hands which only last as long as until your arms got tired. While inversion table is not cheap and requires operating space, it has shown excellent result for those who use it consistently.

  • Swimming
    • To lengthen your spine while swimming, you should consider doing the breast stroke. It is the ideal stroke because while your legs are kicking one way, your arms are stretching you the other way. Since this is happening at the same time, this helps lengthen your spine as opposed to other swimming strokes. The second reason swimming is good is becuase being in pool of water effectively neutralizes the effects of gravity on your spine.
    • Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps who specializes in breast stroke, notice how long and rangy his spinal column is
      natural height increasenatural height increase
  • Sleeping with raised bed bottom
    • Raise the bottom part of your bed where your feet are by 2-4 inces in height. This way you use gravity to pull your spine up as opposed to when you are standing and gravity pulls your spine down. With your head below your heart, you will also allow gravity to force better blood flow to your thyroid gland whcih can help in the production of growth hormone.