Height Increase Exercises for Knees

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How can you grow taller from knees?

The knee cartilages are capable to grow, thicken, adapt and remodel. Through continuous exercising to apply stress on the knee cartilage, one might be able to transform the cartilages into real bones, and this process is called endochondral ossification.

Most bones of the body are formed originally from cartilage. As a fetus, the skeleton is made of cartilage and fibrous structures that are shaped like bones. Over time these structures transform into real bones when cartilage is replaced with calcified bone matrix. This remodeling and changing can happen due to the continuous activity of bone forming cells called osteoblasts and the bone resorbing cells called osteoclasts. The process of bone sculpting and resorbing allows bones to respond to stress or injury by their ability to change their shape size and density.

The knee cartilage can grow longer and thicker if you can consistently train it under stress with the correct exercises. The cartilage will gradually adapt to the stress and grow to sustain the force.

Height increase exercises that target knees:

  • Sitting with ankle weight
    • natural height increase
      start out with 10 or 15 lbs of Ankle Weight on each leg, gradually increase the load as your knees get stronger. Make sure the knees are completely dongle off the edge of the bed or chair, so they can be completely pulled toward the earth gravity . Also make sure your feet do not touch the ground, loft the bed if you have to or sit on many pillows. Try to sit for at least 30 minutes in one sitting to sustain a continuous stress. Look at below picture for proper sitting position. Your upper body can lay flat on the bed with pillow on head to read a book or watch tv, time goes by easier this way.

    • massage the muscle in knee area to help blood circulation after sitting session is finished.
    • Try to avoid or minimize any pressure on your knee immediately after you are done sitting. Because you do not want to lose the freshly stretched knee cartilage by walking on it, try to rest them as long as you can or do this immediately before sleep.
    • Some ambitious height increase seekers would even sleep with ankle weights. But this is not recommended, since alot of people find it very difficult to fall asleep with weight dongling on their legs, restful sleep is extremely cruical for your body to grow and re-generate.
    • if you feel any numbness or painful sensation in any part of your legs, stop immediately and rest to avoid any injure. Maybe the ankle weights are too heavy for you, remember patience is the key, height increase won't happen over night.
  • Kicking with ankle weight
    • kicking with Ankle Weight
      strapped on lower thigh. Start out with 5 lbs ankle weights on each leg, gradually increase the load as your knees get stronger. Kick low toward the earth gravity. Do at least 10 minutes of kicking on each leg at a moderate pace, gradually increase the pace as your knees get stronger. Kicking positions in one motion are illustrated in the following two pictures, remember to kick low and toward earth's gravity.
natural height increase natural height increase
Kicking initial position
Kicking ending position
  • Cycling with high seat
    • use a Stationary Bicycle or an outdoor bike, try to raise the seat as high as you can tolerate such that your toes can barely control the pedals. Raise the seat gradually higher after you get used to the seat height to further stretch the knee cartilage.

    • initially it might be painful in the groin area when cycling on a high seat because you are not used to it yet. Try to place some padding on the seat to cushion such as soft pillow or towel. Do not rush yourself, start at a moderate height and move it up slowly as your body adapts to it. Remember be patient and avoid injure.

natural height increase