Height Increase Exercises for Thighbones

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How can you grow taller from thighbones?

Repeated impact can cause bone to thicken. People who practice martial arts tend to have thicker knuckles and shinbones. This is due to the thickening of bone and calloused skin. In other words, your body automatically tries to strengthen the bone to prevent injury.

The pelvis protects the back of the thighs and the kneecap protects the front. But if you fold your legs up while sitting down, you will have complete access to the front of the thighbones. In this position one can apply tapping to induce thickening of the thighbone, only apply gentle tapping to avoid bruising or injury.

Height increase exercises that target thighbones:

  • Tapping
    • use a light wooden hammer or use your fists to gently tap the two ends of the thighbone exposed when you sit on the floor with knee bent all the way. See the picture below, gently tap only where the "checked" box areas, those two peaks are the thighbone tips.

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