Height Increase Exercises

This website attempts to document all the special grow taller exercises that have been developed and used by height increase seekers from all the different online forums, articles, newsletters and etc. To learn how to grow taller, you must first learn about the anatomy of the body. Specifically, which parts of your body is capable to be trained to achieve height gain.

Each grow taller exercise can be categorized by the target body area it intends to lengthen in height. The target areas are the spine, knees and thighbones. The rate of success of height increase varies for each target area. Rate of success are based on frequency of successful reports that claim to have achieved height increase by consistently working the particular target area. Before you commit yourself to any height increase exercise please read the disclaimer.

Height increase exercises for different target area:

Maximize Height Increase Result

In order to maximize the result from these height increase exercises, you should pay attention to the natural human growth hormone(HGH) production in the body during your training. There are a few things you can control to increase HGH production to facilitate the growth of bones, cartilage and muscle.
Note:   Go to Learn about HGH and Height Increase to learn more in-depth knowledge about how HGH make you grow taller.

The only safe way to boost HGH is through natural mean, any external injection or pill that claims to boost HGH is considered dangerous even under administration of professionals. The natural way to boost HGH is by adjusting your lifestyle to improve the secretion of HGH, such as:

  • Sufficient amount of deep and restful sleep is essential to HGH release.
  • High protein and low carbohydrate diet is what considered a HGH-friendly diet.
  • Intense physical actvities from cardio or weightlifting can induce significant release of HGH.