What is Pilates?

Pilates was developed by German Joseph Pilates more than 70 years ago. For many years, Pilates training remained a well-kept secret in the world of dance and the performing arts. In recent years the growing interest in "mind/body" exercise has brought Pilates concepts to the forefront of fitness training.

The Pilates Method comprises more than 500 exercises, performed as a mat-based workout or using special resistance equipment developed by Joseph Pilates and emphasizing spring resistance.

Pilates focuses on increasing muscle flexibility and tone, joint range of motion, and targets the stabilizing muscles surrounding each joint. By emphasizing posture, you learn to stretch your spine through pilates, and by strengthening the deep abdominals to support the rest of the body you learn to maintain your height effortlessly. It makes no sense to have strong arms and legs attached to a weak center. Pilates strengthens the midsection of the body, and the arms and legs follow.

The most impressive results are those reported by people who have slouched most of their lives and after a few months of practicing pilates they are able to stand up much straighter, and are therefore measurably taller.

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