Height Increase Supplement

This section lists the important supplements that have been reported to be used by most height increase experimenters. These supplements are taken along with height increase exercises to enhance bones and cartilages growth and repair

  • Calcium
  • Vitamin D
  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin
  • Multi-Vitamin


Bone growth requires adequate amounts of protein and calcium. Calcium phosphate crystals precipitate and attach to a lattice support as bone grows, forming a calcified extracellular matrix. Bone forms in two patterns, compact and trabecular. Compact bone is dense. Trabecular bone is spongy and has many open spaces between supports of calcified lattice. Osteoblasts produce collagen, enzymes, and other proteins that make up the organic portion of the bone matrix

That is, old bone must be replaced by new bone all the time. Think of your bones as a bank account in which you "deposit" and "withdraw" calcium throughout life. Calcium is a mineral that makes bone dense (thick) and strong. During childhood, the teen years and early adulthood you build your bone bank. The skeleton grows and bones become larger, denser, and stronger especially when you practice bone healthy actions.

How much calcium is recommended each day?

Daily Recommended Intake for Calcium

Age (years)

Calcium (mg*/day)

1 - 3

500 mg

4 - 8

800 mg

9 - 18

1300 mg

19 - 50

1000 mg

51 or older

1200 mg

*mg = milligrams
(Dietary Reference Intakes, National Academy of Science, 1997)

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is necessary to grow, build, and maintain strong bones. It helps your body absorb and use calcium. Vigorous exercise and healthful diet with adequate calcium & vitamin D are essential in achieving sufficient bone mass during the bone adaptation process.

Vitamin D is well known as a hormone involved in mineral metabolism and bone growth. Its most dramatic effect is to facilitate intestinal absorption of calcium, although it also stimulates absorption of phosphate and magnesium ions. In the absence of vitamin D, dietary calcium is not absorbed at all efficiently.It is important to follow your medical professional's advice and not to exceed 2000 IU of vitamin D from diet and/or supplements without a prescription.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Glucosamine, a common joint supplement, is one of the building blocks of a major component of cartilage, glycosaminoglycans. The theory is that Glucosamine, if available in high quantities from supplements, will help to stimulate cartilage growth. It is often combined with Chondroitin, another of the cartilage building blocks.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin together help cartilage to re-grow and stay strong and healthy. They restore cartilage tissue, and have some anti-inflammatory abilities. It may take from 2 weeks to 4 months before you see a noticeable improvement because they are 7not pain-killers.

When you are undergoing intense exercises to induce microfractures, complex chemical signals prompt cells called osteoclasts to break down and remove (resorb) old bone, and others called osteoblasts to deposit new bone. Many elements influence remodeling. Among them: weight-bearing, vitamin D, growth factors, prostaglandins, and various hormones, including estrogen, thyroid, parathyroid, and calcitonin.

The usual recommended dosage of glucosamine is 1500 mg in divided doses; and chondroitin is 1200 mg in divided doses.


Bones are richly supplied with blood from periosteal vessels. Bone growth requires adequate amounts of protein and calcium. A multi-vitamin has all the vitamins, proteins, & nutrients that the body needs.

Maximize benefit of supplements with DO's and DO NOT's

Why? because the nutrients will not sufficiently absorb into your body. Normally, 80% of the nutrients will be rapidly eliminated into bloodstream, urine, feces, and body. Thus, your goal is to get as much absorption as you can from each tablet.

  • DO buy liquid-form supplements if you can because the absorption rate is much more effective.
  • DO always take each tablet with a full glass of water with or after a meal.
  • DO try to break dosage up and spread it out over the day. For example, if the dosage is 1500 mg per day, and this can be divided into 500 mg tablet three times a day. Divide up your doses of calcium. It appears to work more effectively if taken in smaller doses spread out over the day, rather than a large dose all at once.
  • DO take vitamin D along with calcium to increase absorption by as much as 30 to 80 percent.
  • DO try take vitamin C at the same time you take a calcium supplement if you can. Or eat a food rich in vitamin C, such as an orange. This helps with the absorption of calcium.
  • DO NOT take iron together with calcium as best you can. It reduces the efficacy of both minerals.
  • DO NOT drink alcohol while taking supplements because alcohol will reduce the efficacy of minerals. You may drink alcohol but do so in a 4 to 5 hour gap in between so that it won't interfere with the reaction of supplements.
  • DO NOT drink lemonade or any juice that has lemon ingredients in it. Lemon seems to dissolve and reduce the efficacy of drugs and supplements.
  • DO NOT indulge on soft drinks. They are high in phosphorus, which can cause you to lose calcium. High phosphorus intake can lead to calcium excretion in your urine. As a result, you should avoid sugar drinks (coke, pepsi, mountain dew) and drink as much water as possible.
  • DO NOT indulge on junk foods, alcohol, soft drinks, caffeine and white flour. All of these lead to an excessive loss of calcium from your body and a decreased rate of absorption.
  • DO NOT use calcium supplements if you have kidney stones or a history of kidney stones.
  • DO NOT buy any of the advertised height increase supplement, they are nothing more than glorified Multi-Vitamin that sells at a premium

Be careful : It is important that you DO NOT overdose because it may be harmful. It is important not to consume more than 2500 mg of calcium per day; high calcium intakes on a regular basis may not be safe. Except kidney stone (a rare disease), thus far, there are no major side-effect reports about these supplements.

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