Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is a Taoist mind-body energy art. While its practitioners consider it primarily a style of martial art, Tai Chi Chuan is also called an art of moving meditation. Tai Chi theory and practice is also formulated in agreement with many of the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Besides general health benefits and stress management attributed to beginning and intermediate level Tai Chi training, many therapeutic interventions along the lines of traditional Chinese medicine are taught to advanced Tai Chi students in traditional schools. Tai Chi Chuan as physical training is characterized by its requirement for the use of leverage through the joints based on coordination in relaxation rather than muscular tension in order to neutralize or initiate physical attacks. The slow, repetitive work involved in that process is said to gently increase and open the internal circulation (breath, body heat, blood, peristalsis, etc.). Over time, proponents say, this enhancement becomes a lasting effect, a direct reversal of the physical effects of stress on the human body. It requires lots of practice, discipline and commitment to study various eastern disciplines for mind, body and energy manipulation.

Through daily practice and proper instruction (all of these arts require direct interaction between student and instructor for the learning of proper styles and details that are lacking in most solo study), a student can learn to increase his or her body height through better posture and internal energy work. Increases are generally not significant, maybe an inch or two.